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Lead generation is a key fundamental for any business

Online reputation is becoming a significant factor affecting the number of leads that you receive from search engine traffic. In the UK, over 90% of that traffic originates from Google search, and over half of that traffic comes from mobile devices. 2014 was the year that Google declared that when its users search for a local business, it is going to suggest the best rated businesses according to its user reviews. In effect, Google is managing user search enquiries in a similar way to Trip Advisor managing hotel searches. Businesses and hotels with the best reviews win a bigger share of online leads.
Put simply, to get more incoming leads on autopilot, get ranked in the top 6 business results on Google with a 5 star reputation.


Reputation Marketing works by helping you build a stellar online reputation, then creating engaging content from reviews and posting to a range social media and websites. Valuable leads are attracted to your business when they see other people saying great things about you. Now that Google is becoming like trip adviser to local businesses, you will attract prospects who were originally checking out your competition.

Simply put, businesses with the best reviews attract the most clicks and calls from Google!

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Professional Adwords account management needs professional tools. You wouldn’t consider surgery with a home first aid kit – you would insist on the best. Nor should you put your Adwords account in the hands of managers using amateur tools. We’ve tested 12 commercial PPC management platforms and none could meet our standards – so we built our own, and we continue to invest and develop it to give our account managers the best tools we possibly can.

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From custom built apps that can teach you how to ski, to apps for every kind of business, we have you covered.

Mobile apps allow businesses to reward their loyal customers with coupons and to promote to their customers with push notifications, knowing that over 90% of the messages will be viewed by an engaged target audience. Perfect for generating repeat business from customers who already know you.

Applicado is making mobile apps affordable and simple for businesses of all sizes.

Our  mobile app platform allows you to simultaneously manage mobile apps and mobile websites online without any programming knowledge.

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